New Year – New Bathroom (Part 1)

That time of year has rolled around again; people making New Year’s resolutions that they have no chance of keeping – let’s hope you aren’t one of them. Instead of following the crowd and wasting time and money on something which won’t yield a return, why go in a different direction and try something a bit different…? 

You’ve got this far, that means you aren’t one of these mindless people that plan to become a fitness addict for a month and then give up. Good! Not only will this save you a month of laborious work and hassle which has no reward, but it will also save you a good chunk of cash as you won’t be forking out for some home gym equipment (which let’s face it, will just end up on eBay come February anyway).

Instead, here’s an alternative solution for that money which you haven’t spent yet; an entire bathroom refurbishment. That’s right, this is an investment, something which has real value and will give you a return on your money (there’s no way you’ll be selling this at the end of the month).

Although it’s not really a resolution as such, it’s more of a home improvement as opposed to a self improvement. One could look at it as a resolution to ‘add value to the property’ or ‘only spend money on worthwhile causes’ – yeah, we like the sound of that, much better than giving up those Chinese takeaways!

Refurbishment Costs?

Surprisingly, an entire bathroom refurb can cost far less than you’re imagining. For as little as a few hundred pounds, you could completely transform the look of your bathroom – turning it into a place you want to spend more time, whilst simultaneously adding more value to the property (and a wow-factor).

Just consider how much you might have spent on gym equipment (the average exercise bike comes in at £100 nowadays and treadmills can easily reach £500), then total it up and work out how much you’re happy to spend on the bathroom, maybe more, maybe less, it’s your call.

So, what’s the first thing to do?

Seek Inspiration

Finding inspiration can be done in a variety of ways, some of you may already have your perfect bathroom envisioned and planned out in your head, brilliant – that’s time saved already. For those that don’t have a pre-planned concept or idea, consider doing some of the following to load up on inspiration:

  • Search through home decor and interior design magazines, many feature bathrooms and en-suites and if you look hard enough, you should find some dedicated bathroom magazines as well.
  • Visit local stores which sell bathroom products; more often than not, stores will have displays on to give you an idea of potential bathroom designs and a feel for what they’ll look like. Alternatively, if you have a lot of friends, you might want to go around their houses and have a sneaky peek to see if you like what they’ve done with their bathroom area – it’s worth a shot!
  • Browse the internet – probably the simplest option and the one which will provide you with the largest range of designs to feast your eyes upon. A little Google search should suffice or check out bathroom retailers blogs such as the Plumbworld one found here:

Hopefully after a bit of research, you’ll have a good idea of what you want your bathroom to look like or the general feel you want to get from it. Remember, there are a variety of styles, you aren’t limited to just ‘traditional’ or ‘contemporary’ labels; a bathroom is what you make it and what you feel comfortable in.

To see what the next steps are in this New Year refurbishing guide, check out Part 2 of our resolution soon!

A Guide to Selecting Between a Present day & Classic Restroom

Determining the best bath room suite for your house could mirror enormously within the finished design of not merely your room but of the whole house. A rest room suite is the fittings you’ll have in your washroom at the simplest this can just be a sink and a loo, or it may be a collection of sink, loo, bidet and also tub. The large majority of items nowadays whenever bought from a store come along with the appropriate bathroom taps and waste set, but be certain that you’re getting them when you order yours or it could possibly become a head ache soon after. The # 1 question when choosing your suite is whether you are going to use vintage or new style and design. The difference has widened in modern times amongst the modern designs and styles as well as the far more more traditional versions, but at least you do have a starting point.

Vintage Type or Contemporary Style

Typically the classic fashioned washroom suites are created to be in keeping with an older classic home design and style. Vintage features out of the Victorian era, like large cistern toilets are generally seen in more traditional bath room suite units. A multitude of pigments are typically muted within an older styled suite, with no shortage of iron, copper and timber arising through in the designs and styles.

A modern day bathroom is surely engineered around space saving. The cheaper the price of a suite, the much more likely it is going to be white-colored acrylic and plastic material, it gives you good quality efficiency for just about any restroom within a strict budget. Top of the range contemporary suites could perhaps come with natural substances such as slate or glass, plus considerably more colors, modern, stylish spherical designs in addition to the latest high tech products.

If you desire even more info to help you to decide about modern day and traditional washrooms, all these issues provide a strong plan:

Precisely how uncomplicated it is to setup

If you’re an absolute rookie to the restroom refurbishing situation, then a less costly modern suite is definitely best to get those teeth bitten into. As a consequence of more contemporary washroom furnishings being a good deal more light weight and uncomplicated to use, they tend to lend themselves better to inexperienced DIY’ers; whereas vintage fixtures could be very time-consuming to install.


Picking between old fashioned and contemporary versions often boils down to a point of your own taste; it’s necessary that you like it. Take into consideration what you would like from a rest room; if it is bright and also minimal you prefer then modern-day might possibly be your personal style, yet if it happens to be warm and authentic then you may decide on an old-fashioned rest room suite. In the modern marketplace it may just be possible to mix both, yet take care that you do not get a washroom that appears as if it has been reclaimed from three separate ages.

Bath room Development

In case you are tilting towards the more traditional look you should keep in mind options such as built in TVs and walk-in showers just simply are not going to feel correct. Persons who prefer flush control buttons on the lavatory as a substitute to giant brass pull-chains won’t like vintage restroom suites.

How Much Cash Do You Have To Pay?

Present day and classic suites will both be costly yet at the low end check out present-day for optimum value. The contemporary supplies like plastic materials and acrylics employed in modern-day suites are lighter in weight and less pricey compared to expensive timbers and metals employed in vintage bathrooms. Washrooms can be a really expensive outlay so make certain you have a large enough financial budget set.

Purchasing the inappropriate bath room suite can not simply mess up the ambiance of the space entirely, it’s really a highly-priced mistake that may harm your budget.

A Guide to Choosing Between a Modern Day & Antique Restroom

Finding exactly what you need is vital with regard to the finalized outcome when buying a new bathroom. Precisely what constitutes a bathroom suite will likely be the fixtures; a lavatory plus basin within a straightforward structure, but an assortment of sink, toilet, bath tub and even a bidet within a more complex set up. A retail store bought or ordered suite should come with components like faucets, however it is often a good approach to verify that these are provided while you’re buying the suite. The # 1 question when picking out your brand-new suite is whether you are going to go with vintage or contemporary design and style. Presently there’s a great number of different versions when it comes to washroom suites however old-fashioned or even present day styles should offer the best place to start. 

Classic Style and design versus Contemporary Design and style 

Usually the older styled washroom suites are made to be in keeping with an older traditional house style. Victorian or Edwardian features like high cistern toilets plus roll top tubs are common. The colors in these suites are frequently relatively modest and they come with lots of treated solid wood, iron, steel as well as copper. 

Function and space saving is the regular step to a really good rest room today. In relation to affordable and cheap suites , the majority could be created with vivid white plastic-type material or even acrylic which makes them easy to clean up, while staying practical. Higher-end washroom suites will probably include slate, metal tubs and may even include circular lines, bright and vivid colors as well as high-tech gadgets. 

In cases where the instance has arrived to take your cash out and you really aren’t positive what you are expending money on explore the below for a tad extra guidance: 

Quick and easy installation 

If you’ll end up undertaking this alone and are also very a novice to putting in washroom suites you may want to choose a modern suite since they are far more convenient. The way more modern day stuff is a bit more favorable, quicker to fit in to a specified shape plus a great deal less involved, the old fashioned type though is the complete opposite and will definitely take a long time to fit in. 


If you are considering what to put in your bath room, think about unwinding in it and ask if it’s something you may feel at home in. Have a big think about longer term benefits of any kind of bath room you select, is it a comfy and cozy and vintage appearance you are looking for, with a distinct individual wow to it, or will it be a contemporary, clean looking lined rest room suite that is of interest. You may pull off blending these variations, yet it really is a troublesome game to play and wind up seeming hugely mis-matched. 

Technological know-how Inside Of A Rest room Suite 

Make sure that your bath room suite wouldn’t contain any kind of technological innovation (walk in enclosures, TV’s etc.) when you’re getting an old-fashioned look. Those that really like flush control buttons on the lavatory as a substitute to enormous brass chains would possibly not really like old fashioned washroom suites. 


Towards the less expensive part of the range, ultra-modern rest room suites will offer you considerably better bang for your buck in comparison with vintage; so when budget is a worry, choose modern. It is generally due to modern-day bathroom fixtures being created out of plastic-type material and also acrylic that will be less costly to work with than old-fashioned elements which include rock and metal. Bathroom suites are usually a massive cost but when budget is a key point possibly think about the low-cost contemporary designs. 

The mood in the bath room frequently will depend on the bathroom products you obtain from the beginning. For that reason, if you pick an incorrect washroom suite, it’s not just an expensive gaffe to make, you’ve got to endure it for a very long time.

Enjoying A Spa Inside Your Own Restroom

In our principal document we presented you the starters for crafting the most perfect spa bathing room experience, this 2nd component builds on these types of thoughts and give you further more strategies to enhance that sensation.

Health spas are certainly more popular now compared to what they ever have been, and then we may realise why many people devote so much money on the items we have pointed out in a article before. A whole lot of day spas and well being clinics these days make money from selling their products and services for the open public, despite the fact that day spas have become more common there’s still a component of people that basically do not have sufficient time to go to them thus having that into their own bathing room could be a way forward. 

The majority of items from your health spa which is to be utilized in your property would be the body scrub solutions, face masks and moisturizers. Particles are usually added to the health spa products and facial scrubs which might eradicate grime and also grease which standard grocery store kinds can not. Many people are additionally now purchasing anti cellulite remedies and body toning moisturisers which were once only obtainable at the health spa. Phytosonic is undoubtedly an ingredient in a few of the solutions which might provide a slimming remedy for areas in which more body fat has accrued and it is thought to work by unbinding body fat from the cellular matrix and even which makes it appear decreased.

We have mostly concentrated on products but there are numerous things you can get for the bath room that should add that day spa like experience. Lots of companies currently produce regular bathtubs with whirl pool water jets actually attached (whirlpool baths), just simply plug and play and then make the most of the oxygenated hot spa tub in your bathroom. This can be used accompanied by a whole manner of products, just be sure all of them are suited to use in whirlpool baths and you’ll be good, you only really need a low-cost bathroom package to produce the best from it as most items that you can buy have decreased in price and improved in quality. 

Should you be feeling more flush rich your area is big enough, things like vapor rooms and also infrared sauna enclosures can be acquired at reasonable prices. Heavy steam rooms are actually pretty much a equivalent volume to shower area enclosure so any individual will be able to fit these into the bathroom. Infra-red saunas are considerably larger but might clearly help save you some cash in the long run if the sauna is your sort of thing and you’re paying highly-priced monthly subscription fees at the neighborhood health club.

Lower Priced Bathroom Suites

It’s well known exactly what makes up a washroom suite but something that some individuals will not realise could be the huge selection of alternatives for each individual fixture. To begin, you might be aware of, bath room suites are generally roughly split up into two classes; contemporary and more traditional.

Beautiful designer types using desirable labels can be very high priced but it is nonetheless possible to create a rest room which generally offers refinement and magnificence even though you may have a little spending budget. The following is really a guide to the many parts of a bath room suite along with just what choices are available.

Baths and showers

A tub is a straightforward feature, everyone knows what to expect, but you are going to be surprised by the number of types available in the market. First and foremost, could it possibly be a typical tub or perhaps a corner bath tub you would want? Why don’t you consider an L shaped bath? For those who have an individual shower enclosure or shower area you possibly will not need a shower-bath yet, if your space is restricted this might be the most effective solution … just buy an excellent shower screen to suit your bath tub. When you may be going for a old fashioned design washroom, a roll-top or freestanding tub might well be appropriate although it’s rare to get a shower combination with this. Rather a shower mixer faucet, wherein the shower head is actually coupled to the bathtub faucets, could be more normal and in accordance with the overall look. Be aware though, they can be costly. Within present day washrooms it’s ordinary to discover acrylic bathtubs or perhaps whirlpool baths.

Just after you’ve identified the sort of bathtub you would like, you need to take a look at bath panels. Any of these may perhaps act as space for storage or maybe just present a lovely way to tie your room together with your own desired style.


Yet again, loos definitely are a staple of the restroom suite and one thing all people are accustomed to. Old fashioned models comprise hefty hardwood seats or maybe high cisterns, with plenty of iron plumbing as well as detailed porcelain work. They are in all probability unacceptable for anybody looking for a cheap suite. If it’s space-saving alternatives you happen to be after, these are available. Corner loos or systems that can sit near the wall space, with concealed cisterns, tend to be reasonably-priced and well suited for small sized restrooms. Ordinary bright white present day type toilets are the smartest choice while searching for an affordable suite.


Wash-basins usually are precisely where it’s easy to seriously bring a personal feeling in your restroom suite whatever your budget is. Typical wash basins can be bought in full stand, half stand or even wall surface hung forms. Vintage varieties are sometimes much more on the highly-priced side on account of sophisticated patterns. Inset or even counter top washbasins lend special style and are also an excellent option for very little bath rooms since they take up a small amount of space. If you might get a plumber to fit them for a decent cost this can be a fantastic choice.

It is vital to to consider both the appropriate and additional items just like faucets and essential bathroom accessories when buying a low priced suite however it’s obviously viable when you find the ideal fittings.

Adding A Different Toilet Room - The Up’s and Downs

The Choice

For most homeowners the bathroom plays a huge part within household daily life, most people with young children will no doubt be aware of this. Your bathroom is certainly an imperative space, it ought to be as appealing as possible plus the design really should be chic yet useful simultaneously, no point getting an expensive restroom if everything is annoying to use — may seem trivial yet is a thing super easy to get entirely wrong. Most would undoubtedly go for a standalone shower enclosure and bath in the event the space was readily available, as in a family there are always going to be controversies related to exactly who prefers a shower to a tub, and a individual shower room enclosure is obviously destined to be a much better selection when compared to a basic over bath mixer shower.


Intricate lines, old fashioned bath room faucet mixer taps with no shortage of polished ornate surfaces for instance are really a serious pain to keep clean and for a family bathroom this is definitely a real no. What is demanded is an easy nice and clean shower room enclosure, a modern soft lined bathing room selection as well as some simple and easy fashioned taps which means you should not need to grab your toothbrush that frequently to get the bathroom looking clean.

The Set up

Fitting the latest rest room suite to a current bathroom or space really is a not at all hard project, you need to take care as you tear your existing one out certainly not damaging something just like skirting panels or pipes otherwise it is going to produce a little more annoyance than needed. A large number of inexpensive packages available at present are usually reasonably do it yourself favorable and may be established in virtually no time, today’s fixtures are always much easier to make use of than those that had been in the lavatory for quite a while. At all times swap aged lead standard water source piping, using innovative plastic-type material pipe joints that should stay clear of all lime scale buildup.

The vast majority of waste fittings to your package will likely be press fit plastic kind, this should replace your older technology steel connections which can be liable to seeping and also oxidation over time. With a little meticulous planning and thinking, you might have the bathroom out and completely new in within a short amount of time. This said taking a few minutes to spruce up after will likely take a identical length of time, but again if you have picked uncomplicated lines and hassle-free accessories it should be uncomplicated to tile round the straight lines of many bathroom cabinetry as well as toilets.

The Outlay

Affordable bathroom suites currently can be acquired from your local Do it yourself outlets and web-based for as low as £200, this normally provides you with the standard lavatory, washbasin and tub with side panel. Factor in several 100 quid for some bathroom tap mixers as well as some other installation water pipe and connections and you could install your bathrooms on a shoestring finances, the majority of equipment needed you will likely own at present (particularly if you are actually thinking of doing this activity yourself anyhow).

After that all you have to do is relax and admire your handy work.

Deciding on a traditional or contemporary bathroom suite

Often the ultimate result of your washroom layout is definitely purely down to picking out a brand new bathroom suite. Just about all regular restroom builds comprise of merely wash-basin, toilet and also bath tub, however you could very well be expecting to include a shower enclosure or perhaps a whirl-pool bathtub necessitating added planning. Additional features much like faucets, waste as well as piping need to be included in a rest room suite; whenever you are deciding to buy from a retailer, make sure they’re provided.  One of the massive things you should think of is if you will want antique or a present day suite. The more traditional versus modern day problem may perhaps be the foremost selection you’ve got to make however after that there are a ton more to think about.

Traditional Against Contemporary?

Most of the time, old-fashioned suites are fashioned as though they have been installed in a different millennium. Elevated cistern toilets, slipper tubs along with everything from the Victorian era mostly matches the old-fashioned scene quite nicely. Colorings are almost always modest with regards to antique bathroom suites, with lots of use of prepared wood, iron, copper and also steel.

Present-day washroom accessories are meant with emphasis on productivity and making the most of space. Very affordable washroom suites are most frequently white colored or another primary colour, made of plastic/acrylic and provide you with the most fundamental efficiency.  More expensive contemporary suites may well be built from natural substances for instance glass or slate, contain splashes of colour, such as acid brights, have innovative curved themes and will include lots of the latest technology.

Keeping in mind the functions of all of these different kinds of restrooms, should you be currently mulling about classic vs contemporary in picking the most suitable bathroom suite for your requirements, below are some items to consider:

Just how simple it can be to setup

If you’ll end up being doing this all by yourself and are also reasonably a newcomer to fitting bathroom suites you may want to choose a contemporary suite because they’re quite a bit easier. As a consequence of more sophisticated washroom features being considerably more light in weight and uncomplicated to work with, they tend to lend themselves much better to starter DIY’ers; while traditional furnishings could be very prolonged to install. 

Visual appearance

It all usually depends upon what you may prefer, the actual decision of modern day or vintage looking is up to yourself. Examine what you need from the washroom, when it’s minimalism in a small space or room, modern fittings are superb; conversely, when you have a more wide open space or room and require a bit of iconic bath room furniture and features, vintage style could evidently match you a bit more.  Naturally, when you are adventurous, you may well look at blending and matching  a modern and more traditional suite. 

Bath room products

For anyone who is working to make an old fashioned appearing restroom something such as a water-proof telly within the wall surface as well as a streamlined wet room shower enclosure almost certainly is not the smartest thing. In case the thought of a lavatory flush handle pushes you directly into meltdown and you would like a stylish twofold flush push button one or covered cistern then the present day variation is the best option. Whenever something composed of copper, iron or rock will take your fancy, you’re likely to be moved toward a more traditional suite; even more so when you absolutely need a bidet also. 

Precisely How Much Must You Invest?

All classic and present-day rest room suites tend to be high price nevertheless at the cheap it happens to be contemporary styles and designs that supply good value. The more contemporary manufactured materials in the modern-day rest room suites are normally less expensive than something such as the iron, copper or steel used to make the old-fashioned versions. Make sure that you have sufficient funding to take on the task, even simple stuff like faucets and wastes can truly mount up if several will be required.

The classic v modern problem does indeed have a big factor when buying the most suitable bath room suite for you so it is worthwhile putting a little bit of contemplation into the conditions you expect in your bath room. If you buy an incorrect suite it could be a costly problem therefore plan it in the beginning and even search before you make any selections or give your debit card. Find out more.